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  1. How to Style With Your Handbag: Size Guide

    How to Style With Your Handbag: Size Guide

    A famous actress Coco Jones once said, “When I want to treat myself, I will almost always get myself a new handbag”, since then this quote is immensely popular among women of all ages and of all nations. A handbag is the only accessory that can alone give a full complement to your outfit. Also, did you know that a handbag can define and flatter your shape almost as much as the right pair of jeans or a top? Yes, you read it right, the right handbag can flatter your shape if the size of the handbag you carry is in proportion to your figure.

    However, with endless options of handbags available, it isn’t always easy to pick up the right size of a handbag to suit your style and complement your look, so here we have a few easy-to-follow tips for finding a bag that's in proportion to your figure, body shape and of course your own style and t

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  2. How to Choose a Quality Leather Wallet

    How to Choose a Quality Leather Wallet

    A wallet either for a man or woman is an essential accessory which most of us carry as soon as we step out of our house. That means we carry it for good eight to nine hours every day. Thus, selecting a proper wallet can help you organize better, makes you efficient and look confident.

    Your wallet should be made of what material

    This is an easy one to answer as there are no if and buts in it. The answer is LEATHER. If you keep something close to your body, the material should be sweat absorbing and leather is only one such material which fits this requirement. Another material that is suitable to some extent is high density canvas with leather trims.

    You should only select leather wallets where leather is either top grain or

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  3. How to Adjust the size of your belts

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