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Personalised Gifts from Oxhide

We now offer custom name engraving or debossing service on most of our products.

If you are buying a gift, it is important to make the recipient feel special. One way of doing so is by selecting an item that resonates with them and making it a personalized gift by custom engraving their name

A little personalization is bound to leave lasting impressions. It’s highly recommended if you are buying the product as a gift for someone.


How do I get the personalized name engraved on the product ?

This service is available as add on service on most of the Oxhide products. Purchase any of the products from Oxhide website and select this add on service “Do you need your name monogrammed ?” while checking out.

If the service is not listed for the product you want to buy, please contact Oxhide Customer Service at +65 90601324 , they can further advise. This number is available on WhatsApp as well for international customers.

You have NOT purchased the product from oxhide and you want the name engraved on it ?

Yes its possible, please reach out to Oxhide Customer Service.


How long it takes to deliver ?

After you place the order, it is usually delivered within 2-3 days of placing the order for Singapore and Malaysia. Same day delivery option is also available for Singapore, please contact Oxhide Customer Service at +65 90601324 , for same day delivery.

Fonts and language used in name engraving

Currently name engraving service is available only in English. Restrict the number of characters to 6 or less for optimal results. Its available in Silver, Golden and Natural (without foil) colors. After you have placed the order, Oxhide team will reach out to you for your choice of color and select the spot on the product where you want to emboss.

What type of products are best suitable for personalized name embossing ?


Its possible on select handbags, backpacks, get in touch with oxhide customer service to know more about it.

Oxhide offers 100s of products made of real leather. Below are some samples of some past works done for each product, you can click on product type get various options available in each each category.


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