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Farewell Gift Ideas

Farewell – Gift Ideas


Good-byes are always hard to say but farewells are as important as greetings!

Farewells are inevitable, whether its family, friends, colleagues or neighbors, people do move on in life. Its indeed a roller coaster of emotions, you are sad as your colleague or friend would go away and at the same time you are happy that friend of yours is moving ahead in life, which he and she always wanted.

Your friend whom you are bidding a farewell is also going through a gamut of emotions, he or she is sad to leave his friends and a settled life behind, apprehensive about the new job, new location and at the same time excited about what this new and better life.

All these emotions should be cherished, good old times should be recounted. The celebrations should be sealed with an exchange of farewell gifts.

This write up is about selecting a suitable send off gift. The things you should consider, including budget and common pitfalls you should avoid.

While selecting a farewell gift, you should consider -

Gift should be as per his or her liking or style. Please select color designs as per likings of the person whom you giving the good bye gift

The gift should be lasting and have long life span. Say your budget is $100 then instead of buying a big bag made of PU or synthetic leather, buy a small sling or wallet made of real leather, as leather lasts for long time whereas PU starts to disintegrate in 6 to 12 months

The gift can be personalized with name or initials of the person written on it. This little personalization makes a lot of difference in making the person feel special. This is highly recommended.

The budget, brand is NOT important. As long as you take care of above, the amount of money you spend is not relevant.


We have picked some gift ideas for you.


Office bag, Backpacks or Briefcase : These are apt for office colleagues, the budget could exceed $200, but if you are sending off a senior colleague or boss, it forms an excellent farewell gift for boss and key to take your work relations forward. Ensure that its made of real leather. Budget - $200 to $300

Wallets: These may appear common but this is one of the best choices. Leather Wallets can easily be personalized as well. Budget $50-$80

Lanyards/ ID holder/ Key pouches: These are again very good pocket friendly and cheap farewell gift. Very apt for someone who is moving on due to change in Job. Budget $30-$50

Personalized Coffee Mugs: These are very apt for someone who loves his or her morning cuppa. Do ensure that personalized name is printed nicely, we see that more than often the printing does not come out well and it spoils the great idea. Budget $10-$20

Bracelets and Small Jewelry: Another excellent goodbye gift. Very apt for someone who is into fashion and likes to wear jewelry. Suitable both for women and men, yes there is an increasing number of men who like to wear jewelry specially leather bracelets. Do select the design as per the liking of the person.. Budget $30-$50

Belts : This is not so common but good quality belt with personalized name engraved on it forms an excellent gift. Budget $30-$50

Home décor or Art : This is an excellent idea and a good gift for someone who like to decorate and furnish their homes. Be wary of the size of the article you are buying, especially when the person receiving the gift is moving towns, you don’t want to add additional burden to their already stretched luggage limits.  Budget $30-$50

Ties and Cuff-Links: These little fashion accessories form a good send-off gift. Suitable only for office going people. Budget $30-$100

Handbags: These are good send off gifts for female office colleagues or women friends. Ensure that its made of real leather. Budget - $200 to $300

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